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Adriana: What Is Wrong With The Youth Today?

by on July 23, 2011

by Adriana Garcia

                “Kids today…” A line usually followed by an exasperated sigh.  Why? What’s wrong with today’s youths? If you are to ask me my answer can be expressed in two simple words: A LOT. Now if you are one of the 21st century youths do not hate me or persecute me just yet, read first then judge if what I’ve written is true or not.

Now here is the list of what I think is wrong about the youths today

1.       Youth today are STUBBORN.

Remember the title of a book “EAT.PRAY.LOVE”?  Well the tag line of the youths today is “EAT.PRAY. TECH” or maybe just scratch out the word Pray and replace it with sleep or party. Am I being rude? I don’t think so, I’m just telling the truth (who doesn’t want that kind of life style?). Kids today won’t even lift a finger to do house chores, why bother if they have a helper to do all the work? But in the end this kids knows nothing and is too dependent that they cannot even survive in their own household without their hardworking helper, why the 21st century youth will starve and stink, all clothes will be dirty and the house will be oh so messy.

But they are not just stubborn in dong house works, even at school. When doing home works all they do is log in on the net, type the word, click search, find an article, copy, paste, and then hit print and presto home work done! Oh doing home work is as easy as ABC, if in the past students need to browse through dusty books in the library and copy notes by hand, today all they do is copy and paste, no editing, no reading not even scanning, lucky if you’ll come across a student who read his paper before passing it to his teacher.

Today’s youths are well pampered and are spoon fed. Usually all they need to do is to ask, that is why they became stubborn

2.       Youth today are REBELLIOUS.

When I was in high school a lot of the students in my class are rebellious. When I ask them why, the most popular answer is because according to them their parents do not understand them. But in reality I think it’s the other way around, kids do not understand their parents. If kids don’t get what they want or do not usually have the approval of their parents, kids tend to resort to the only way they think is effective and that is to declare “war” with their parents, kids engaged in this “war” does things that they know will surely annoy their moms and dads, the main goal is make their parents bow down to their will. But usually nothing good comes out of this, for in the end the child only suffers from doing a lot of wrong things which led to a very messy life, and yet his not happy. The problem is when the kids want something, they want it NOW and they’ll have it now, and if they don’t they’ll hate you, because the line between the need and the want is too blurred for them that their understanding is clouded by desire to the point that they don’t want to listen to reasons and think of them self as the oppressed one.

3.       Youths today are too LIBERATED.

Liberate a verb meaning set free, esp. from imprisonment or oppression, while Liberated is an a adj. that means free from social conventions, esp. with regard to sexual roles. Both words pertain to only one precious word that we all cherish…FREEDOM. When we say freedom we automatically think that we are allowed to do anything that we want, say everything that is in our heads, act as we please; but is that the true essence of freedom? I think not.

To be free is to be responsible. That is what the youths usually forget, they are overwhelmed by the concept of freedom that they do not even think twice of the things that they are going to do, and that is today’s reality. Parents cannot control their children as they grew up and develop their minds, and once they’ve reached the age they will ask for their precious freedom, freedom to choose, freedom to do things when and where they please, freedom, freedom, freedom. Too much of this precious thing is terrifying just look around and you and you’ll see how it ruined the youths, they are free to choose: they choose wrong friends, choose their own way to what they call happiness either right or wrong they don’t care, happiness is what matters. They are free to do what they want to do: They act the way they want to regardless if it’s moral or not and that boils down to one of the problems of teens today unwanted pregnancy, they act without thinking most of the times their actions are driven by desire or by urge. Yes that’s the truth we enjoy too much freedom that we abuse it. If you want to be free be responsible.

4.       Youths are LACKING G.M.R.C.

G.M.R.C. an acronym for Good Manners and Right Conduct, it’s one of the subjects taught in school if you can still remember. Though I don’t think many of the kids today does, because if they do maybe they’ll conduct themselves a lot better. Why did I say so? Kids today answer back to their parents as if they already know everything about life, either they’re right or wrong they’re RIGHT. They wouldn’t hear your scolding instead you’ll have to listen to their reasoning which usually is as crooked as a screw. Another thing which is very evident inside the classrooms or in public places is that kids (especially teens) don’t know when to talk and when not to, they talk as long and as loud as they please, sometimes they even acquire the habit of using foul words (wherein a sentence isn’t complete without this words), they don’t care if they are disturbing someone or disrespecting others because of their non stop chattering, I mean it’s okay to talk (we live in a free country) but learn to be considerate. One thing I would like to point out is sometimes we forget Filipino customs, like one of the things marked as old fashioned in our society is being conservative. I think self preservation among the modern Maria Claras is not a top priority any more (you know what I mean) it’s just funny that sometimes you’ll come across girls who boasts of having a lot of BFs, for me it’s not something you dish out to the public. To be demure, chivalrous, respectful and sensible seems to be a thing of the past, maybe sometimes it’s good if we’ll all go back to being elementary students and attend our G.M.R.C. class.

 Form me these are the things I find wrong in today’s youths. May be you are thinking who am I to write these things? First of I want to tell you I am not angry to the 21st century youths, and definitely I am not a mom lecturing you or scolding kids of your age, I know and I am writing all these things because I am one of TODAY’S YOUTHS. I’ve written all these things based on my observations and experiences, and as much as it pains me to admit some of the wrong things I found in today’s youths, I found it in myself as well.

How about you, what do you think is wrong with the youths of the 21st century?

Thank you again for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Happy reading.


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