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Carlo: If I Could Change the World

by on July 23, 2011

by Carlo Pampolina    

If I could change the world, I will create a world with happiness, joy and peace. I will make people happy and satisfied. I want to change the world so that people will no longer feel bad. I want to turn the world  into a paradise and obviously I will rule it.

I hate corrupt people who pretend they’re good, like most of our politicians. I hate them. I don’t Idolize them because they are so stupid and make promises they can’t keep. I will do my best to make our world better. I assure you of that.

I think this is my beginning of creating a better world. First, I will do my blog assignments from Ma’am Ida and I think 10 years from now, I will be famous through writing great blogs. I will be popular and I’ll apply to my dream job. I want to be a politician and be a great leader.

I guess I can change the world if I will be a great leader. I will study very hard here at MCL and when I get famous, someday MCLwill be proud of me. We are the future of our country. We can make a better world and I assure you I can make it.

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