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Ceasar Rian: What’s Wrong With the Young People of Today

by on July 23, 2011

Young people these days are like Dora the Explorer. “Explorers” They wanna know, experience, see everything because of their curiosity.

So, some as we know… some young people end up being “early parents”who are just undergoing puberty then got a baby. And some got  Tattoos, drinking at early age, smoking cigars and body Piercing. Some stopped from studying, just wanna stay home and just wanna chill on the streets, some also join some “fraternity” and some do Drugs.

Smoking baby

I explored google and saw this “41 Problems with Young People”from a Blog by Donald Mills



they’re too tall

they’re tattooed freaks

they’re crazy sex fiends

they dress like morons

they mumble all the time

they can’t drive worth crap

they’re functionally illiterate

they have weirdo haircuts

they’re high on the drugs

they’re so damned disrespectful

they’re godless heathens

they pee too much

they talk about politics

they have ridiculous nicknames

They have terrible posture

They all swear like sailors

they pierce their damned faces

they’re all video game addicts

they’re all fat-assed

they all have disorders

they listen to rap music

they sleep all day

they all have cell phones

they all gamble

they’re all toting guns

they’re all unisexed freaks

they won’t move out!

they refuse to work for a living

they’re all hooked on porn

they dance like idiots

they don’t understand romance

they drink sissy drinks

they never crack a book

they want everything now!

they’re damned fearless

they’re damned know it alls

they eat like pigs

they’re materialistic

they have no ambition

they have access to too much info

they’re afraid to get dirty

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